District Mental Health Program: Inception, Evolution and Challenges







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  • Vipul Singh Professor and Head of Psychiatry Department, Government Medical College Kannuaj


In 1982, National Mental Health Program (NMHP) was launched in India. In order to suffice its aim and objectives and effective coverage of mental health care, a district level program was suggested and for which NIMHANS did a pilot project in between 1985-90 and finally District Mental Health Program (DMHP) was started in Bellary district of Karnataka. Since then, the DMHP has been running in entire nation for fulfilling its aim and objectives and delivering mental health care services. In the span of almost three decades, the Program has been monitored and assessed periodically in terms of its effectiveness by keeping the vision of fulfillment of its goals. In this article we are reviewin  theachievements of DMHP and how far we have reached to achieve the goals.

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