Pharmacomicrobiomics: Another Contributor of Inter-Individual Variations To Drug Response






Pharmacomicrobiomics, psychotropics, antidepressants, gut-microbiota

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  • Adarsh Tripathi Professor, Department of Psychiatry, King Geroge’s medical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India


Gut-brain axis is now a commonly discussed concept in a variety of clinical contexts including its well-known importance in neuropsychiatric disorders. Gut microbiota is a diverse population of microorganisms containing bacteria, yeast, protozoa, parasite, helminth, viruses, etc.

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Tripathi, A. (2022). Pharmacomicrobiomics: Another Contributor of Inter-Individual Variations To Drug Response. Indian Journal of Behavioural Sciences, 25(02), 78–79.


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